Feb 2, 2012
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dejavu come true

lastnight i had a dream that i was playing a video game lost saga with a certain type of rare gear called a tornado robe. i was kicking major ass with it, or so i thought. the next day my little brother wakes up and buys a gear chest which gives you like a 1 in 1000 chance of getting this gear, he gets it. he said he was freaking the hell out when he opened the gear chest and seen it was the tornado robe i was dreaming about. when he told me i couldnt believe it myself.

the night before i was telling him “freddy lastnight i had a dream that i got a tornado robe in lost saga i was kicking mad ass with it to yo” i often spectate his fights its possible i could have been spectating from my screen thinking its me in the dream. its hazy when reading in dreams words look scrambled and bigger than usual like in your face.

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