Jan 9, 2012
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A tale of two brothers (dream)

I had a dream with two strange older black men who began to tell me a chilling story about their mother and father. the story dated back to the 1930’s around that time judging by their age and appearance. 1 brother was about  48 while the other was around 55 years of age. they started out explaining how their dad would lock their mom into a dungeon and begin to rape her and starve her. the man would lock her in a wet dungeon in his basement with chains and etc. the mom is a helpless white lady. a very brave women she would always fight off her attacker. she eventually gave birth to her older son, the year he was born is unclear. he said his earliest memory of his dad is watching him drag his mother down some stairs. scared and on his mothers side he attempted to oppose his dad. his efforts were futile he was too young to stand up to such a person. for defying his dad he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. his younger brother of course was born not to long after who was sent to his aunt and uncle asap. they never really knew their mom but spent the last month with her at her death bed. they began to cry while telling me that part. i then woke up because i needed to head to work. 

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