Dec 21, 2011
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Telepathic dreaming

Telepathic dreaming is shared dreaming, most of the time very close friends or a significant other have these dreams more likely than most. a majority of people dont share their dreams so its hard to say if you may be having a telepathic dream cause we keep them to ourselves since we forget them right away. telepathic dreams are not always identical since the images in our minds are from our perspectives/experiences.

well heres my telepathic dream i shared with my girl. i document all my dreams by the way. i woke up around 12:00 p.m. and was like “wow babe i just had a weird dream about a mob boss and you were in it, but it was weird because i think it was your dream” she looks at me and her eyes go 0_o, she replyed saying

"gtfo i just had a dream that we were in a bar and someone owe’d someone some money. a boss came in with a tommy gun and started shooting up the place." i told her " babe get down and we hid behind the bar counter" she said "drinks were flying everywhere and we were getting wet." the dream was very vivid for her since she said "it seemed HD." the dream was hazy for me since i came in towards the middle for me it was my 2nd dream that night. strangely enough i was able to remember the emotions of the dream.

this is my 2nd telepathic dream with her, 11/15/11

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